Intensive Technical Assistance

The Intensive Technical Assistance program of the Early Childhood Personnel Center is an 18-month program centered on the development and implementation of an integrated, comprehensive system of personnel development (CSPD) for the participating state. Each participating state will be assigned at least one Technical Assistance (TA) Consultant, who will assist in guiding the state participants through the phases of developing their CSPD.

The goal of the Intensive TA State Partnership is to build state capacity to foster professional development of the early childhood education workforce. Through this partnership, we hope to:

  • Enhances knowledge and skills of practitioners and those who support them including administrators, TA providers, and faculty
  • Support the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based practices
  • Increase the size of the workforce skilled in providing inclusive intervention practices.

Intensive TA states will follow a 4-phase process that allows them to recruit and develop a diverse team of professionals who will address all subcomponents of a CSPD, including: (a) leadership, coordination, and sustainability; (b) state personnel standards; (c) pre-service personnel development; (d) in-service personnel development; (e) recruitment and retention; and (f) evaluation. More detailed information on the process of forming a CSPD can found on our Comprehensive System of Personnel Development page.

As of December 2016, ECPC has recruited fully trained one cohort of stares in Intensive Technical Assistance, and is currently training a second cohort. We are also excited to announce that we will begin training for a third cohort of states in January 2017!

These Cohorts Are:

Cohort 1:
Delaware, Iowa,
Kansas, Oregon






Cohort 2:
Arizona, Nevada,
Pennsylvania, Vermont





In Progress!

Cohort 3:
Michigan, Minnesota,
South Carolina, Puerto Rico


South Carolina


Puerto Rico

In Progress!

For more information on becoming an Intensive TA state, please contact: