What Is Leadership & Collaboration?

The Leadership & Collaboration component of The Early Childhood Personnel Center (ECPC) is a unique program that embodies the true essence of integrated teamwork for leaders in Early Childhood (EC) education. Our program is designed to offers three main components: (1) Integrated Graduate Student participation, (2) Leadership Communities of Practice for select Part C and B(619) Coordinators, and (3) Leadership Institutes.

Leadership Institutes
Leadership Communities for Part C / 619 Coordinators
Integrated Graduate Students

The ECPC communicates and collaborates, on an ongoing basis, with OSEP-funded projects, as well as other U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-funded early childhood-focused centers, as appropriate. This collaboration includes the joint development of products, the coordination of TA services, the planning and execution of TA meetings and events, and participation in local, state, regional or national initiatives in EC development by our management team. This collaboration is largely influenced by the integrated skills and knowledge obtained from the participating graduate students and Part C/619 Coordinators.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are integrated in Center activities through webinars, project meetings (national and regional) and preparation of materials. These students serve a critical part in providing leadership consulting and/or management to the over 25 states that have participated at some level in this program. These students participate in ongoing learning opportunities to enhance their ability to provide leadership to the field of personnel preparation at the completion of their academic program.

Learn more about the opportunities we have available by visiting our Graduate Training Opportunity webpage of the UConn Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities website.

Part C and Part B(619) Coordinators

Each interested state must apply and be accepted into this program. Once accepted, the state will be initiated at a three-day Leadership Institute hosted by the Center and led by our ECPC faculty and staff. These institutes will focus on integrating infants and young children under IDEA into EC activities in Early Learning Challenge states. Follow-up to the Institute will include ongoing coaching using technology and the provision of training materials to scale up involvement of the Coordinators in state policy and program development of their home state.

Leadership Institutes

Our three-day ECPC Leadership Institutes focuses on developing strategies and action plans to enable IDEA early childhood leaders to integrate their planning with state early childhood programs and partners. We offer smaller Institutes after the formation of each cohort, and then cross-cohort Institutes annually. More detailed information on the materials used in our Institutes can be found by visiting our Leadership Institutes page.

To date, ECPC has recruited and trained 25 states across three cohorts. These cohort include:

Cohort 1:

Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Rhode Island, & South Carolina

Arizona  Colorado   Connecticut     Delaware   Idaho  Rhode Island South Carolina

Cohort 2:

Alaska, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia & Washington DC

Alaska  Massachusetts   Minnesota   Nevada   Tennessee TexasVirginiaWashington DC

Cohort 3:

Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Ohio, & Puerto Rico

Hawaii Michigan  New York Ohio    Puerto Rico

Cohort 4:

Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, Vermont, & Washington

Illinois  Mississippi  New Mexico  VermontWashington

We are currently accepting applications for Cohort 4 to begin April 2017!

Leadership ApplicationApply now by completing our Leadership Institute Application. If you are interested in participating in this Institute, please complete the attached registration form and email to Jessica McKenty at jmckenty@uchc.edu.

You can apply though our online submission form here:

Online Leadership Institute Application

For more information on getting involved with our Leadership & Collaboration program, please contact:

For more information on getting involved with our Leadership & Collaboration program, please contact: