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Dear Colleague,

The ECPC is pleased to announce our Cohort 5 Leadership Institute for Part C and Part B (619) Coordinators!

Housed at the Avon Old Farms Hotel in Avon, CT, the Leadership Development Institute will be held from December 3, 2017 to December 6, 2017, with your arrival on the evening of December 3rd. Led by Dr. Mary Beth Bruder, Dr. Sharon Lynn Kagan, Maureen Greer, and Darla Gundler, this Institute will focus on integrating policies and practices with personnel who serve infants and young children with disabilities into their Early Childhood (EC) State initiatives and activities.

Since 2013 we have held eight Leadership Institutes with 25 states represented, providing valuable knowledge and skills needed to understand the ECPC Center and the current state of the EC workforce. This three-day conference allows Part C & B(619) Coordinators to: (1) understand the challenges facing Part B(619)/C programs and their personnel, (2) learn strategies to unify this workforce rooted in evidence-based practices, and (3) develop an action plan to bring back to their State. ECPC staff provide individualized TA post-Institute to assist in the implementation of goals and objectives outlined in State action plans and scale-up involvement of the C and B(619) Coordinators in State EC policy and program development.

Along with the state Part C and Part B(619) Coordinators, we encourage and fund the attendance of one additional early childhood state partner (such as Head Start, Child Care, etc.), one higher education faculty, and one family representative. Any other State attendees must seek approval by ECPC staff before committing to attend, and must fund their own travel.

Funding available to support travel costs of the 5 listed individuals above includes: airfare/train/driving mileage to & from home state, shuttle to/from airport to hotel, hotel lodging, and daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks/refreshments only.

Funding does NOT include: Mileage from/to your home to the airport, airport parking, baggage fees, meals and costs while traveling, and all dinner meals.

If you are interested in participating in this Institute, please complete the attached registration form no later than September 15, 2017!

We look forward to your participation in this exciting opportunity! Please contact us with any questions at 860-679-1500 or by e-mailing Erika Egan at eegan@uchc.edu.

Mary Beth Bruder, PhD
Director, ECPC
263 Farmington Avenue- Mail Code 6222
Farmington, CT 06030-6222
Phone: (860) 679-1500 Fax: (860) 679-1571
E-mail: bruder@uchc.edu

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