Components of Personnel Standards


Personnel standards address the need to establish and maintain standards that define the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the early childhood intervention workforce. State standards are credentials, certifications, or licenses awarded to professionals after they complete a course of study that prepares them to provide intervention services as one of the disciplines recognized under IDEA. State standards should meet or exceed personnel standards that have been developed by national organizations that represent the various professional disciplines that provide services to young children and their families. State standards ensure the quality of the state’s early childhood workforce.

CSPD State Personnel Standards Strategies

  • Establish and maintain high standards of knowledge, skill, & competencies of the early childhood workforce.
  • Ensure that the state personnel standards are based on core knowledge and skills needed for working with young children and their families in cross-sector early childhood systems.
  • Provide guidance to administrators and staff on how to use state personnel standards.
  • Ensure that the state personnel standards are accessible to program administrators and staff.

National Database of State Personnel Standards

Information about personnel standards for professional disciplines serving children with disabilities from birth to five years and their families by state.

The ECPC collaborated with the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) to create an Early Childhood Systems Framework for Part C and section B(619) Coordinators to evaluate their current systems, identify potential areas of improvement, and develop more effective and efficient systems that support the implementation of evidence-based practices in each of the six main areas. The ECPC's work resides in the Personnel/Workforce (PN) component of this framework, which addresses the necessity of understanding workforce capacity in order to provide timely and consistent services by prepared personnel in early childhood. ECPC-CSPD Self-Assessment

Quality Indicators

Quality Indicator 3: State personnel standards across disciplines are aligned to national professional organization personnel standards.
Quality Indicator 4: The criteria for state certification, licensure, credentialing and/or endorsement are aligned to state personnel standards and national professional organization personnel standards across disciplines.