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Building Comprehensive Systems of Personnel Development for those Serving Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children with Disabilities and their Families

We provide TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to build components of a statewide early childhood CSPD for the following audiences:

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Part C & B/619 Coordinators

Leadership competencies

Team building

Action planning

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Part C and Part B/619 Coordinators on leadership knowledge and skills to:
  • actively engage in broader early childhood initiatives
  • use TA effectively
  • build a more effective and sustainable state system that can support a competent early childhood workforce

ECPC Believes in:

Through a 2-3 day learning institutes and 1 year of follow up to implement an action plan with state teams comprised of the Part C and Part B (619) coordinator, an early childhood state administrator, a Higher Education Faculty from the State UCEDD, LEND, or an early childhood program and a Family representative who has had a child participate in the state early childhood intervention program.

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IHE Faculty

Align personnel preparation programs to national standards

Embed recommended practices into course syllabi

Use adult learning principles when teaching

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Integrated preservice and in-service learning systems in early childhood intervention

  • Align programs of study to State and national professional organization personnel standards and interdisciplinary competencies
  • Integrate Division of Early Childhood recommended practices (RP) into programs of study
  • Utilize adult learning principles
  • The use of evidenced based adult learning practices in IHE programs of study and PD training activities
  • Other identified areas needed to prepare and support a high quality ECI workforce to improve outcomes of infants and young children with disabilities and their families through the delivery of high-quality services in inclusive settings


We do this:

2-3 day learning institutes and 1 year of followup to implement an action plan

Doctoral Students

Leadership and evidence based personnel practices

Supporting research for personnel preparation

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Upcoming Opportunity

Have You Ever Thought About Getting Your PhD? If You Have, NOW is the Time!

Doctoral Training Consortia in Early Childhood Intervention for Infants and Young Children with High-Intensity Needs
Because of Significant Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).


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State team building

Participate in statewide personnel development activities

Teach future and current practitioners

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Leadership knowledge and skills to:

  • Actively participate in early childhood intervention systems of personnel

Self Assessment Tool for Families

Self Assessment Tool for Coordinators to measure family/stakeholder engagement


We do this:

1-2 day learning institutes and 1 year of follow-up to implement an action plan.


ECPC's groundwork for the preparation and retention of a highly qualified and effective early childhood intervention workforce

A comprehensive system of personnel development, or CSPD, is a collective framework representing six interrelated areas that individually contribute to a statewide infrastructure for the preparation and retention of a highly qualified and effective early childhood intervention workforce

Tools and Resources

Develop a State CSPD

Comprehensive Systems of Personnel Development

  • Develop strategies to identify, hire and maintain a qualified workforce across discipline
  • Align discipline specific and cross discipline knowledge, skills and competencies with national requirements and recommendation
  • Improve and increase ECI programs of study at an IHE to prepare for the ECI workforce

Course Enhancement Materials

Course enhancement offerings include e-learning lessons, practice guides, resources, and CONNECT Modules. These materials were developed for Higher Education faculty and professional development staff for use when training early interventionists, early childhood special education educators, and related service providers to use evidenced based practices. The materials provide authentic learning activities and opportunities for self-evaluation and student-guided mastery experiences.


Institute Materials

The ECPC Leadership Institutes focus on developing strategies with Part C and B(619) Coordinators to integrate their programs, policies, and personnel into state early childhood initiatives for infants and young children who receive services under IDEA.




State Information

Personnel Standards by
Discipline and State

Looking for information about personnel standards for professional
disciplines serving children with disabilities from birth to five years
and their families in your state?

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Institutes of Higher Education
Early Childhood Programs

Looking for information about certificate and degree programs in
early childhood, early childhood special education, and blended
programs in your state?

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State early childhood intervention systems: on building comprehensive systems of personnel development

Families: on leadership competencies for participating in statewide personnel development activities


Higher education faculty: on aligning personnel preparation programs, coursework, and practica to national disciplinary and cross disciplinary standards.

State Part B/619 and Part C coordinators: on leadership competencies, team building, action planning, and evaluation

Early Childhood CSPD

Competent High Quality Workforce

Optimal Child and Family Outcomes