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Building Comprehensive Systems of Personnel Development (CSPD) for State Systems Serving Infants and Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families


Comprehensive Systems of Personnel Development (CSPD)


A CSPD is a framework to improve the quantity, quality and effectiveness of the early childhood intervention workforce who provide services and interventions to facilitate the development and learning of infants and young children with disabilities and their families.

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Leadership, Coordination, & Sustainability

Structures for ongoing support of all personnel development activities

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In-Service Training

Ongoing learning activities to maintain and build the competence of the ECI workforce



Plans for evaluating each subcomponent of the CSPD


Recruitment & Retention

Strategies to identify, hire, and maintain a qualified workforce across sectors and disciplines

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Pre-Service Training

Formal program of study at an IHE to prepare for the ECI workforce

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Personnel Standards

Discipline specific knowledge, skills, and competencies for the ECI workforce

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A CSPD integrates multiple personnel activities that collaboratively address the recruitment, preparation, credentialing, ongoing training and evaluation of interdisciplinary service delivery practitioners and administrators for early intervention and early childhood special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

State Information

Personnel Standards by
Discipline and State

Looking for information about personnel standards for professional
disciplines serving children with disabilities from birth to five years
and their families in your state?

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Institutes of Higher Education
Early Childhood Programs

Looking for information about certificate and degree programs in
early childhood, early childhood special education, and blended
programs in your state?

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State early childhood intervention systems: on building comprehensive systems of personnel development

Families: on leadership competencies for participating in statewide personnel development activities


Higher education faculty: on aligning personnel preparation programs, coursework, and practica to national disciplinary and cross disciplinary standards.

State Part B/619 and Part C coordinators: on leadership competencies, team building, action planning, and evaluation

Early Childhood CSPD

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