Our Framework

Our Center is focused on building awareness that an integrated, comprehensive system of personnel development (CSPD) for the early childhood (EC) workforce in every state - one that is cohesive with state and national personnel standards, competencies, and recommended practices, will produce the most successful outcomes for children and families with disabilities.

How Improved CSPD Leads to Improved Outcomes

The Early Childhood Personnel Center's Purpose is to facilitate the implementation of comprehensive systems of personnel development (CSPD) for all disciplines serving infants and young children with disabilities and their families.

The ECPC Conceptual Framework

Bronfenbrenner’s (1977) ecological model of development provides the frame of our center activities as it acknowledges and accommodates multiple influences on a child’s development.

The scope and depth of ECPC TA activities consists of six rings of influence which collectively contribute to improved child and family outcomes.

The first ring of the framework is the early childhood workforce, who directly affect children's development, and family well-being through the provisions of interactions, interventions and services.

An effect early childhood workforce infuses early childhood practices into services and programs for children and families, which is described in the second ring.

Improved CSPD Leads

High quality practices, services, and program are achieved through a coordinated statewide CSPD, which is comprised of six sub-components: leadership, personnel standards, recruitment, and retention of personnel, preservice personnel development, in-service personnel development, and evaluation. These sub-components are in the third ring and are the critical components of ECPC TA.