Pre-Service Training


Pre-service is the term used to describe the education and training that occurs prior to a practitioner obtaining a college degree and entering the workforce. Pre-service prepares individuals to meet the personnel standards of a specific discipline.

Institute of Higher Education (IHE) programs of study provide training for individuals to acquire the specified knowledge, skills, and competencies required to meet state and national personnel standards in a specific discipline. The programs of study also include sufficient field-based experiences across a variety of high-quality infant and early childhood settings

CSPD Pre-Service Personnel Development strategies to support a high quality workforce.

  • Provide guidance to IHE programs and confirm curricula for each discipline are based on knowledge and skill competencies that are aligned with state personnel standards.
  • Ensure that the IHE programs and curricula for each discipline are based on knowledge and skill competencies that are aligned with national professional organization personnel standards.
  • Assist IHE programs and curricula for each discipline are aligned with state and local program quality initiatives and evaluation systems (e.g., QRIS, educator effectiveness frameworks, licensing).

National Database of State Personnel Standards

Information about personnel standards for professional disciplines serving children with disabilities from birth to five years and their families by state.

Interactive Map:  Institutes of Higher Education Early Childhood Programs
Information about certificate and degree programs in early childhood, early childhood special education and blended programs in a state.

The ECPC collaborated with the Early Childhood Technical Assistant Center (ECTA) to create an Early Childhood Systems Framework for Part C and section B(619) Coordinators to evaluate their current systems, identify potential areas for improvement, and develop more effective and efficient systems that support implementation of evidence-based practices in each of six main areas. The ECPC’s work resides in the Personnel/Workforce (PN) component of this framework, which addresses the necessity of understanding workforce capacity in order to provide timely and consistent services by prepared personnel in early childhood. ECPC-CSPD Self-Assessment

Quality Indicators

Quality Indicator 1: IHE programs and curricula across disciplines are aligned with both national professional organization personnel standards and state personnel standards.
Quality Indicator 2: IHE programs and curricula address early childhood development and discipline specific pedagogy.