Our Stakeholders

The ECPC has strategically planned for stakeholder input into the guidance, products, and services of the Center in order to ensure:

  • Voices are heard:  Representation includes families, family representatives, state and local administrators, practitioners, researchers, and national TA providers.
  • Input is ongoing:  Input is gathered throughout each year of the project.
  • Strategies vary: Input is gathered in various ways, tailored to the specific activities the project is engaged in, and specific to the intended audiences.

ECPC has established four regional stakeholder groups to enhance, contribute, participate in, and inform our work.  Members of the stakeholder groups have been selected to represent early childhood intervention and early childhood stakeholders, including families of children who have received services, and to distribute that representation geographically.

Northeastern Regional Stakeholders

Stakeholder Representation State
Ron Benham Director, Bureau Family Health, DPH MA
Cindy Brown Director, Child Development Services ME
Deana Buck UCEDD; PD VA
Phiippa Campbell, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA IHE, OT PA
Molly Cole CT Council on DD; Parent CT
James Coyle, EdD Section 619 and Part C Coordinator PA
Linda Goodman Deputy Director, CT Office of Early Learning CT
Marny Helfrich MD Coalition for Inclusive Education; Parent; PD MD
Toby Long, PhD, PT, FAPTA IHE, PT DC
Georgette Nemr Bureau of Standards & Certification CT
Kristen Reedy Director, NERRC NE region
Pam Roush Part C Coordinator WV
Margaret Sampson Family Initiative Coordinator; Parent NY
Maria Synodi Section 619 Coordinator CT

Western Regional Stakeholders

Stakeholder Representation State
Noriko Baldwin Teacher;  PD OR
Patricia Blasco, PhD IHE, Education;  Parent OR
Mayra Malinowski IHE CA
Judith Newman UCEDD; PD OR
Juli Pool, PhD IHE, Education ID
Nicol Russell Section 619 Coordinator AZ
Laurie Thomas Part C Coordinator AK
Sue Yockelson, PhD IHE, Education; PD CA

Mid-Southern Regional Stakeholders

Stakeholder Representation State
Noriko Baldwin IL EI Training Center IL
Kim Galant PD & TA FL
Vivian James Section 619 Coordinator NC
Sara Luke Gwinnett Schools, Teacher GA
Corine Myers-Jennings, PhD IHE, SLP GA
Judy Swett PACER Center;  Parent; PD MN
Cindy Vail, PhD IHE, Education GA
Pam Winton, PhD IHE, Education NC

Mid-Western Regional Stakeholders

Stakeholder Representation State
Rashida Banerjee, PhD IHE, Education;  DEC CO
Alicia Palmer Branham Licensure Officer, University of Kansas KS
John D. Copenhaver Director, TAESE & MPRRC; PD Mid-West
Jenice Dames, PhD PD & TA UT
Jan Thelan Section 619 Coordinator NE
Mark Sharp Part C Coordinator OK
Ellen Pope, OTD, MS, OTR IHE, OT NM
Jackie Govan Director, AR Head Start AR
Darla Nelson-Metzer, BS Ed Parent; PD KS
Diane Lowery PD & TA SD