Targeted Technical Assistance: Completed 2015

The Targeted Technical Assistance (TA) program of the Early Childhood Personnel Center was a 1-2 year program that operated from 2013 to 2015. The purpose of Targeted TA was to assist states in establishing a congruence between state standards and national standards and facilitating linkages between pre-service and in-service competencies and outcomes.

The States that participated in Targeted TA were: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, & Utah.



Rhode Island


The goal of the Targeted TA Partnership was to build a capacity within each state that fosters professional development of the early childhood education workforce. With our support, that states that participated in Targeted TA agreed to:

  • Develop a framework model for a high quality, effective, and efficient needs assessment.
  • Participate in recurrent scheduled calls/webinars to share their experience, input, and resources.
  • Develop, review, and revise support materials to ensure that products are useful, practical, and reflect a high quality system.
  • Encourage and support state early childhood stakeholders to be instrumental in providing their leadership and expertise on implementation teams designed to develop and sustain an accountable and effective personnel development infrastructure.

Targeted TA provided an opportunity for each participating state to work with their own stakeholders through the four-phase process of developing a Comprehensive System of Personnel Development. However, the targeted nature of this program only focused on 3 of the 6 subcomponents to a CSPD. Those components and their quality indicators are listed below:

Personnel Standards
Q1: State personnel standards across disciplines are aligned to national professional organization personnel standards.
Q2: The criteria for state certification, licensure, credentialing and/or endorsement are aligned to state personnel standards and national professional organization personnel standards across disciplines.
Pre-Service Personnel Development
Q1: Institution of Higher Education (IHE) programs and curricula across disciplines are aligned with both national professional organization personnel standards and state personnel standards.
Q2: Institution of higher education programs and curricula address early childhood development and discipline specific pedagogy.
In-Service Personnel Development
Q1: A statewide system for in-service personnel development and technical assistance is in place for personnel across disciplines.
Q2: A statewide system for in-service personnel development and technical assistance is aligned and coordinated with higher education program and curricula across disciplines.