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Workshops Available on Monday, September 18th:

  • Using Cross Disciplinary and Disciplinary Personnel Standards in IHE and PD Planning
    The session will share how the cross disciplinary personnel standards alignments can be incorporated into IHE and PD activities to promote consistent evidence based service provision across disciplines. Resources for use of the alignments will be identified.
  • Financing A Training and PD Infrastructure
    States are challenged to develop systems of care that provide high quality resources and supports to young children with special needs. Supporting that system of care requires that all personnel across service delivery programs that interact with the child and his/her family receive preservice and in-service training that will promote positive outcomes. In an environment of increasingly limited fiscal resources, it is imperative that states leverage all available resources to develop an integrated and comprehensive early childhood system of personnel development. This workshop will focus on promotion of cross-system finance integration.
  • Families as Partners in Policymaking, Practice and Beyond
    Partnering with families may sound easy but often times it is challenging. Families need to know what is expected of them and also need background information in order to make informed decisions. Often times we ask parents to partner with us and they just don't really know what is expected and that includes information on what advisory boards or workgroups that participate in or choose to spend their time. We will discuss a few tools that can be used to support families to be engaged stakeholders in a variety of venues.
  • Evidence-Informed Professional Development for Improving Early Childhood Intervention Practices
    Findings from a number of research syntheses of adult learning studies and a metasynthesis of in-service professional development will be summarized. The presentation will include a focus on how the results informed the development of an evidence-based approach to professional development and how the approach how been used to improve the delivery of evidence-based early childhood intervention practices.
  • Quality Inclusion: Program Standards and Personnel Practices
    An overview of quality indicators for inclusive preschools will be provided and applications for personnel preparation and ongoing support will be discussed.

Workshops Available on Tuesday, September 19th:

  • Policy Development
    National and state public policy actions at the government level can potentially be effective in improving outcomes for young children with disabilities, their families and the professionals who work on their behalf. Early childhood professionals and families play an important role in a systems approach policy process. Participants will be able to describe and apply a common understanding of what policy is, the process by which it is conceptualized, developed, adopted and evaluated and how state teams can actively influence the policy process.
  • Developing Data Systems for Personnel
    What do you know about the personnel who are serving young children with disabilities and their families in your state? What would you want to know if you had the right kinds of data? Participants will: (1) work with hypothetical data tables to examine the kinds of questions that can be addressed about personnel, and (2) write questions and sketch tables or data visualizations for the types of personnel data they have (or will work to get) in their state.
  • Financing Early Childhood Systems for Inclusion
    As leaders fully implement inclusive policies and practices, early childhood programs are required to interface on program, data, quality assurance and training. Financing cross agency systems can be challenging. This workshop will explore opportunities for influence and collective impact on the young children and their families that we serve.
  • Curriculum and Recommended Practices in IHE Courses of Study
    A challenge for higher education faculty is how to effectively integrate evidence-based practices (EBPs) into the curriculum of EI/ECSE, blended ECE/ECSE, and related services discipline programs. Crosswalks of the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) (2014) Recommended Practices have been cross walked with the DEC Specialty Set knowledge and skill statements and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Professional Standards and are designed to be a tool for faculty in integrating EBPs into the curriculum. This workshop will: (a) provide a brief overview of the crosswalks, (b) offer examples of how the Recommended Practices have been included in courses and field work (e.g., sample syllabi, assignments), and (c) involve participants in small group discussion of how they might use the crosswalks in their programs.
  • Related Services Personnel: Recruitment and Retention on the Team
    Recruiting and retaining highly qualified early intervention related service providers is challenging. This session will review barriers to successful recruitment and retention and discuss creative solutions.
  • Families and Inclusion: Setting the Expectations
    The role of families in their children’s EI/ECSE will be discussed in relationship to family choice and opportunities for quality inclusive intervention environments.

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