Case Studies

EI/ECSE Standards – Annotated case study for each standard.

Standard 1: Child Development and Early Learning

Standard 2: Partnering with Families

Standard 3: Collaboration and Teaming

Standard 4: Assessment Processes

Standard 5: Application of Curriculum Frameworks in the Planning and Facilitation of Meaningful Learning Experiences

Standard 6: Using Responsive and Reciprocal Interactions, Interventions, and Instruction

Standard 7: Professionalism and Ethical Practice 


Cross Disciplinary Case Studies

Case studies illustrate the cross-disciplinary competencies and are for use by Higher Education faculty and Professional development staff. 

The purpose of this guide is for the reader to enhance one’s early childhood knowledge and practices through the application of the identified core cross-disciplinary competencies. The intended users of the guide include educators, practitioners, students, and families. It can be used for state team training, professional development, and higher education.