Data Reports, Literature Syntheses and Reviews

Data Reports

Literature Syntheses and Reviews

Briefs and Checklists

All Briefs and Checklists are derived from literature synthesis and reviews.

Leadership Brief

This Leadership Brief includes findings from a meta-analysis of leadership practices studies (Dunst et al., 2018) and descriptions of the implications of the results for leadership development (Brittain & Bernotavicz, 2014). The meta-analysis included 112 studies of more than 39,000 followers (the term used in the leadership literature to describe employees, staff, workers, etc.). The studies were conducted in 31 countries in diverse programs, organizations, and businesses.

Pre-service Overview Brief

The purpose of this brief is to share the findings, from the pre-service personnel preparation meta-analysis, to early childhood personnel who have interest, influence and/or planning responsibilities related to preparing high quality EC/EI professionals.

Technical Assistance Overview Brief

The purpose of this brief is to introduce the findings from a meta- analysis which focuses on describing the essential elements of technical assistance used to help the quality improvement efforts of early childhood programs and organizations.


Leadership Practices Checklist

This checklist includes 12 leadership practices that research indicates are related to positive organizational, teaming, leader, and employee outcomes (Dunst, et al., 2018). A leader can use any set of practices to actively engage employees in achieving organizational goals. Choose the set that best fits your organizational needs and plan and rehearse how you will use the practices to improve your leadership skills. Use the checklist to review your leadership practices following leader-staff interactions to self-assess your use of the practices or to have a coach, supervisor, or peer provide feedback and suggestions to improve your leadership skills.

Technical Assistance Checklist

This checklist uses the core elements that were found in a scoping review of Technical Assistance models and frameworks (Dunst, Annas, Wilkie & Hamby, 2019) and incorporated into this self assessment as you prepare to deliver technical assistance to a program, organization or system.



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