CEC, DEC & NAEYC Personnel Standards Alignment

The ECPC also assisted the DEC to revise the current specialty sets of early childhood standards and following are supporting literature for the revisions:

ECPC also conducted a cross walk of the Personnel Standards of the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC), the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Division of Early Childhood (DEC) specialty set in collaboration with DEC personnel committee.

 This alignment was done to assist a higher education faculty and professional development staff to align knowledge and skills and competencies for early childhood special educators who serve infants and young children and their families.​

Download: Final Official Initial Standards Alignment

Download: Alignment of Standards CEC DEC NAEYC _Narrative and Alignment

Narrative for Alignment of Initial and Advanced CEC Professional Preparation Standards and Elements (2012), 2010 NAEYC Standards for Initial & Advanced Early Childhood Professional Preparation Programs, and DEC Initial and Advanced Specialty Sets:  Early Childhood Special Education/Early Intervention (2017)