CEC, DEC & NAEYC Personnel Standards Alignment

ECPC has collaborated with the Council of Exceptional Children (CEC) Division of Early Childhood (DEC), and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to crosswalk the organizations’ personnel standards for personnel serving infants and young children and their families.

The alignment was completed by replicating a previous process (Chandler et al., 2012) to align the current DEC personnel standards with the NAEYC personnel standards.

To do this the DEC appointed an 11 member workgroup representing the diversity of membership. They followed the following procedures:

  1. Workgroup members completed individual alignments for the CEC, DEC, and NAEYC Initial and Advanced Standards.
  2. Standards were considered aligned when 73% or higher percent agreement was obtained across workgroup members (n=8-11).
  3. A second set of individual alignments was then completed for standards with percent agreement of 36% to 64% agreement.

The purpose of this crosswalk was to support the alignment of higher education curriculum at both the preservice and advanced levels of preparation for personnel working with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who have special needs and their families with CEC, DEC, and NAEYC standards. This alignment also assists higher education personnel to design curriculum and prepare documentation for accreditation.

This alignment is currently in DRAFT form and is NOT intended to exist as a stand-alone document. Programs must consider all sets of standards in their entirety for curriculum development and accreditation purposes.

The draft summary tables below reflect alignment of the CEC Professional Standards and Key Elements with the NAEYC Professional Standards and Key Elements, and the alignment of the DEC Specialty Set knowledge and skill statements with the NAEYC Professional Standards and elements.  Table 1 summarizes the alignment at the Initial level, and Table 2 summarizes the alignment at the advanced level.