Leadership, Coordination, and Sustainability




A state team that is diverse in representation from all aspects of the system; advocate for resources, make decisions & set priorities for Professional Development; solicit feedback; monitor the efficiency & effectiveness of the CSPD.

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Leadership, Coordination, and Sustainability addresses the development of a multi-year plan that includes all areas of a CSPD ensuring a high-quality workforce. Managing the organization and implementation of the other five subcomponents: recruitment & retention, personnel standards, pre-service, in-service and evaluation.

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Conduct ECPC-CSPD Self-Assessment
  • Obtain agency leadership approval
  • Establish a strategic planning team (SPT)
  • Create a vision and mission for the CSPD
  • Oversee CSPD development, implementation, evaluation


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CSPD State Work on Leadership, Coordination, and Sustainability

The ECPC collaborated with the Early Childhood Technical Assistant Center (ECTA) to create an Early Childhood Systems Framework for Part C and section B(619) Coordinators to evaluate their current systems, identify potential areas for improvement, and develop more effective and efficient systems that support the implementation of evidence-based practices in each of six main areas. The ECPC’s work resides in the Personnel/Workforce (PN) component of this framework, which addresses the necessity of understanding workforce capacity in order to provide timely and consistent services by prepared personnel in early childhood. ECPC-CSPD Self-Assessment

Quality Indicators

Quality Indicator 1: A cross-sector leadership team is in place that can set priorities and make policy, governance, and financial decisions related to the personnel system.

  • The composition of the leadership team represents key partners from cross-sector early childhood systems, technical assistance programs, institutions of higher education, parent organizations as well as any other relevant stakeholders across disciplines.
  • Additional stakeholder input, including from families, is actively solicited and considered by the leadership team in setting priorities and determining governance decisions.
  • The leadership team members are aware of other related early childhood and school-age personnel development systems and align efforts when appropriate.
  • The leadership team develops an overall vision, mission, and purpose for the CSPD and makes decisions and implements processes that reflect these.
  • The CSPD vision, mission, and purpose are aligned with the overall early intervention and preschool special education systems.
  • The leadership team examines current policies and state initiatives to identify opportunities for collaboration and the coordination of resources, including ongoing and sustained funding across cross-sector early childhood systems.
  • The leadership team advocates for and identifies resources for cross-sector priorities and activities.
  • The leadership team disseminates information on the CSPD plan to relevant public and private audiences.

Quality Indicator 2: There is a written multi-year plan in place to address all sub-components of the CSPD.

      • The development and implementation of the CSPD plan is based on the specific vision, mission, and purpose for a CSPD.
      • The CSPD plan is aligned with and informed by stakeholders' input, national professional organization personnel standards, state requirements, and the vision, mission, and purpose of the cross-sector early childhood systems involved in the CSPD.
      • The CSPD plan articulates a process for two-way communication between stakeholders and the leadership team for soliciting input and sharing information on the implementation of activities.
      • The leadership team monitors both the implementation and effectiveness of the activities of the CSPD plan.
      • The leadership team plans for and ensures that funding and resources are available to sustain the implementation of the CSPD plan.